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Why Trust Our Kickboxing Classes?

Our cardio kickboxing classes in Oak Lawn are really great! Feel the burn in our kickboxing classes as you sweat it out with your fellow classmates. Build muscle, burn fat, and gain confidence in our fitness class! 

Many students who join our cardio kickboxing classes feel great after the class. You will get a workout that will leave you feeling accomplished. You can get a full-body workout in our classes! It’s been said that martial arts is the fastest and quickest way to burn calories during a workout. Some of the great benefits of our cardio kickboxing program include:

  • Burn Fat
  • Gain Confidence
  • Feel Great 
  • Lose Weight
  • Gain Muscle
  • Build Strength
  • And More!

When you join our cardio kickboxing program, you join a family of other students kicking and punching alongside you! We encourage you to look into our FREE TRIAL class to see if you feel that our cardio kickboxing program is a great fit for you. We know you’ll love it!

cardio kickboxing student punching

“Coach Williams is a wonderful coach! Dedicated to each and every student that enters his dojang. XTC’s coaching staff is top-notch. You can’t go wrong at this place.”

George Sloan

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Cardio Kickboxing Helps Adults By:

Building Stamina

Learning Self Defense

Burning Calories

The Benefits of Martial Arts at XTC


Respect will take anyone a long way in life. We focus on teaching respect. 


Focused on making sure students are disciplined with their goals and aspirations. 


We can help you or your child build confidence and take on the world!


One of the hardest things we as humans struggle with is self-control. We can help.


With martial arts comes great leadership opportunities. You’ll love this benefit!

Improved Grades

With an applicated system of learning, you will see better grades on their report card.

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